In the church there is a list of past clergy. Initially the priest was a rector: the first known was Roland. The list of rectors is as follows.


1265   Roland

1274 July 2nd Thomas de Radington

          Nicholas de SpierIeville

1306   Jeffrey de Wycombe

1308  Jan 12th Henry Staley

1310   Richard de Farenden

           Richard de London

At this time ‘rector’ was the name given to an incumbent where the tithes had not been appropriated by a monastery. For the ‘vicars’ below, until the dissolution of the monasteries, a monastery became the rector. The vicar did the parish work but only had part of the income.


  John Elsfield

1390   William Brockhampton

1391   William Carleton

1393   Robert Tolyn

1394   Thomas Cosyn

1399   Lawrence Breton

1399   Simon Chapman

1404   Walter Skott, alias Cook

1409   Geoffrey Huntingdon

1415   Henry Turnour

1416   John Monk

1416   John Walcombe

1418   John Lanton

1419   William Preston

           Thomas Batys

1471   John Yngland

1508   Richard Marchant

1511   John Jeffry

1515   William Bolton

            Augustine Crosse

1554   Thomas Hodson

           Augustine Cross, restored

1563   Peter Ellis

           William Lockerus

1572   Lawrence Montague

1580   Joseph Freewill

1583   Thomas Johnson

1596   Thomas Baker

1633   William Flood

1667   Roland Jones

1685   Thomas Herring

1698  July 19th John Griffith

1699  Sept 25th William Dodd

1729   Alexander le Hunt

1735   George Grasmith

1747   John Griffiths

1776   William Anthony

1788   George Buxton

1842   Henry Palmer

1856  Lambert Campbell Edwards

1868  Erasmus Valentine Mason

1865 Nov 27th James Archer

1908 Oct 12th Arthur Ainsworth Sharp

1914 Mar 30th James Henry Moriarty

1927  Francis Walter Ford

1934  Richard FitzThomas Fleming

1943  Arthur Clement Adcock

1960  Ewart Templeman Sherlock

After this the parish was to small to continue to have a full time priest of its own so the position of priest was combined with the task of Warden of the Dorney/Eton College Project. At the same time the parish became part of the Riverside Team Ministry.

1971   Roger Royle

1974   John Methuen

              Team Rector

1985   Jeffrey Whale

1340   Edward Mayne

1343  Nov 7th  Thomas de Colyngham

1343   Reyner de Aston

1350   Thomas de Thornby

1361   William Pule de Hadbury

1361   William Shirpenlake

Priests in Charge & Wardens of the Dorney Eton College Project

1977   Paul Hawkins

1982   Ronald Johnson

From 1986 the parish has shared a vicar with the neighbouring parish of Eton with Eton/Wick and Boveney

Priests in Charge of the two parishes of Dorney and Eton with Eton Wick and Boveney

1986   Colin Pontin

1995  Paul Reynolds

2006  Lucy Holt

In 2009 the Riverside Team ceased to exist and the Jubilee River Group was set up. The parish became part of the Joint Benefice of Dorney and Eton with Eton Wick and Boveney

Vicars of the Joint Benefice of Dorney and Eton with Eton Wick and Boveney

2009  Lucy Holt

2014  La Stacey