The foundation stone of this Victorian church was laid in 1866 and the church was consecrated in 1867 as a daughter church to the main parish church in Eton. So 2016 is 150 years since the foundation of the church and the anniversary will be celebrated on the feast of John the Baptist.

The first stained glass window of interest, the ‘Children’s Window’ was dedicated in 1888.  This had been paid for by the Sunday School children themselves through collections made over the previous two years.

In 1956 the Revd David Galliford planned the addition of the Vestry and it was completed in 1959. The Vestry together with the East Window, was dedicated by the the Dean of Windsor, on 28th June 1959.

The East Window was intended as a memorial to Mr E.L. Vaughan and its design, chosen in accordance with the will of Mrs D. J. Vaughan, was based on the painting, ‘The Light of the World’ by Holman Hunt.

Eton Wick Church History

For those who may be interested, the artist's description of the window he designed is added below. He is Mr. Francis Spear, A.R.C.A., of Reigate, Surrey

The design shows a figure of Christ posed in the centre light, based on the painting by Holman Hunt-" the Light of the World." This is according to the terms of the Will of the late Mrs. D. J. Vaughan. Christ is shown knocking at the door, as in the painting, which has been made the door of a castle which spreads into the outside lights. This castle symbolises the retreat of man into self and his indifference to the offered Salvation. Above the figure of Christ is the inscription-" I am the light of the world," which is continued across the three lights below the figure ;" he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life," and with this inscription runs a river symbolising the river of Life.

In the right and left hand lights are smaller figures of prophets, each with an inscription giving a prophecy of the salvation of Christ. In the left-hand light David, with words from Psalm 106-" Remember me, 0 Lord, with the favour that Thou bearest unto Thy people ; visit me with thy salvation."

In the right-hand light Zachariah, with the words from Chapter 9, v. 9-" Behold thy King cometh unto thee ; he is just and having salvation."

In the tracery above we have to the left and right St. John the Evangelist and St. John the Baptist, who holds a scroll with the words-" Behold ! the Lamb of God," and both these half-figures look towards the centre tracery where there is the Lamb of God as the victory of the Sacrifice and the fruit of Salvation.

The Children’s Window

After the church in Eton was closed in 1981 this church became the main parish church. In 1991 Eton Church was remodelled and reopened as the daughter church (see more details)