How you can donate and

help Our Parishes


The churches need funds for their ongoing work. You can help by making a regular donation using the Parish Giving Scheme, or by making a one off donation.

For the Parish Giving Scheme for Eton/ Eton Wick Parish select the form:

For the Parish Giving Scheme for Dorney Parish select the form:


The Information about the Parish Giving Scheme is                        



You can also join the Parish Giving Scheme by telephoning the number 0333 002 1271. You will need the parish details:

For Eton Wick or Eton Churches the name is ‘Parish of Eton’ and the PGS code: 2706 27658.

For Dorney Parish the church name is ‘St James the Less’ and the PGS code: 2706 27655.

You will also need your bank account details. You will be asked whether you want your gift to increase in line with inflation each year and whether you are able to use gift aid.


If you would prefer to make a one off donation a suitable gift aid form is available


for Eton/Eton Wick

or Dorney


Alternatively you can donate by text (or online) to Eton Wick Church through the National Funding Scheme. Donations can be made for general church use by using 

Alternatively you can donate specifically towards the new church room by using