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Eton Wick Road, Eton Wick, Windsor

Services every Sunday at 11:00 am

Monday Prayer 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Eton Wick Church is the parish church for the communities of Eton and Eton Wick. All ages are welcome and catered for with a mixture of formal and less formal worship with a group for children.  The atmosphere is relaxed, yet services are reverential with a feeling of warmth and worship. The life of the church extends beyond Sundays, with a prayerful and supportive congregation, keen to show Jesus Christ’s love in action within our villages.

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The church dates from 1867 and is a grade II listed building. It was designed by one of the most active and successful church architects of the Gothic revival, Arthur William Blomfield (1829-99)

The first stained glass window of interest, the ‘Children’s Window’ installed in 1888, was paid for by the Sunday School children themselves through collections made over the previous two years


The large East Window of this church is unusual in that it contains a reproduction of Holman Hunt’s picture

‘The Light of the World’

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Our popular church room needs replacing. Built in 1956 it has served us well, but there are things we need to fix:

  • Too cold - improve insulation and heating

  • Not enough room - create more space for activities & storage

  • Limited toilet facilities - provide a wheelchair accessible toilet

  • No separation of kitchen from activities – create a safer separate kitchen area

  • No space for private meetings – provide a consultation room

  • Nowhere for church office – space for a church office

  • Parts of the structure need repairs - replace

Our existing room cannot provide what we need anymore, so we need to build a new one.

How will it support you?

The room already supports community activities, apart from the usual church related ones such as:

  • Services

  • Sunday school

  • Baptisms, weddings and funerals

Also, there are:

  • Activities for the local school

  • Coffee mornings

  • Toddler groups

  • Children’s holiday activities

We want the new room to provide a better space with good facilities to properly support what we are doing today, but also invite a wider use, increasing our support and interaction with the local community.

We are asking for help through donations towards building the new room.  We have some funding available, but we need to raise more to reach our goal.

You can donate by phone text* or online using the following:

To donate £3  -  text ROOM to 70331

To donate £5  -  text ROOM to 70970

To donate £10 - text ROOM to 70191

or Online -

Please give what you can to a worthwhile local cause that is helping people in your community today

* Fundraising, payments and donations will be processed and administered by the National Funding Scheme (Charity No: 1149800), operating as DONATE. Texts will be charged at your standard network rate. For Terms & Conditions, see

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